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LIFE - Peter Leithart at the Theopolis Epiphany Feast

Updated: Apr 19

LIFE - Peter Leithart at the Theopolis Epiphany Feast

"This brief talk was delivered by Peter Leithart at the Theopolis Epiphany Feast, held in Birmingham, Alabama, on January 29, 2021." from video introduction.

What did we gain or give up during the last year or so?

The pandemic has changed life around the world for the most part. Many have died. Did we do things, and give up more or less than we should have?

God gives us a lot of latitude in our free will to do many things. yet we must never forget that his all-encompassing Providence and Sovereignty are mitigating all of life in things and at levels we cannot begin to understand.

In this video excerpt from a longer talk, Peter Leithart muses about all that was given up and all that was lost during the pandemic. Putting aside the impact of the disease he believes we have given up too much, we have given up life.

Is this the case?

I have observed people locally especially Mennonites who ignored the COVID precautions and even posted signs that reflected their belief that God would either bring you home or keep you alive.

This is a brand of faith we don't see very often.

Many Christians objected and still object to all the precautions. Was it because of their enduring faith or because they were rebels?

Peter Leithart makes many great points about life. We are to live it and not shut it down!

I agree yet I question how people blur the lines between faith and foolish behavior and disregard for others that could result in sickness and health. I am still offended by the people, many of them politicians who stated that the elderly were going to die anyway so it did not matter how careful we were. Pure economics!

Regardless of your opinion on Covid and the precautions implemented by the government listen to what Peter Leithart has to say.

Feast and enjoy life, our days are numbered, life is hard and Christ is faithful!

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