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A Theology of Paul and His Letters: (Session 1) Introduction -Douglas J. Moo

Video from Zondervan

"A Theology of Paul and His Letters, A Video Study is a landmark study of the apostle's writings by one of the world's leading Pauline scholars, Douglas J. Moo. This video study gives pastors, scholars, and all serious students of the New Testament exactly what they need for in-depth study and engagement with one of Christian history's most formative thinkers and writers, the apostle Paul. Sessions in this study: - Explore each Pauline letter with an eye toward understanding its theology - Explain methodological issues, formative influences, and conceptual categories of Paul's thought - Synthesize Paul's theology under the overarching theme of the gift of the new realm in Christ Engaging, insightful, and wise, this substantive, evangelical treatment of Paul's theology offers extensive engagement with the latest Pauline scholarship. This video study brings insights from over thirty years of experience studying, teaching, and writing about Paul into one comprehensive guide. 📖 GET THE BOOK: ▶️ STREAM THE VIDEO SERIES: https://masterlectures.zondervanacade...' from video introduction.

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