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Abortion and the Altar of Convenience

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"What do Americans and the Canaanite people, destroyed by God in 1,250 BC, have in common? About 860,000 things, actually. All of them innocent lives sacrificed by their own parents upon the altar of convenience. That’s 2,400 babies a day. Will God judge America for emulating the sins of the Canaanites? What can you do to turn America back to God and save innocent children? First, please watch and share this powerful new 4-minute video. WARNING: it is correct, not politically correct! Then, learn from Scott Klusendorf about how to defend the sanctity of life. Scott is the founder and president of the Life Training Institute and one of the best speakers in the world on this issue. You can invite him to your church or college campus or register for the new self-paced online course, The Ethics of Abortion: Pro-Life Apologetics in an Uncertain Age. If you won’t do these things, who will?' from video introduction.

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