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American Babylon

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

American flag
America the Babylon

The decline of America has been ongoing. Many things can be pointed to as watershed moments. America has for most of its history been exceptional. American exceptionalism is an ideology stating that the United States as unique among nations in positive or negative ways, with respect to its ideas of democracy and personal freedom.

If you look across the panorama of history this appears to be true. Yet the candle that burns twice as bright can only burn half as long. America is exceptional not because of all of us or our forefathers but because of God!

In God’s plan for history, in his Kingdom holds a unique status. Yet we are all sinners and as we can see from the spiritual condition in our country that probably is no longer the case.

Yet hope remains!

Christians in America, the Body of Christ by and large have been on the decline as the secular culture has taken over. This is not a broad brush for all churches but if we put any stock in Barna and other surveys along with just looking at church there can be no doubt. Let us also remember that God the Father, Christ Jesus, and the person of the Holy Spirit is constantly at work in you and I and the culture and world at large.

We often pretend like it’s just us against the world but that is hardly the way ultimately reality works.

Right now you and I are called to be obedient

American evangelicals/Christians should not therefore conclude God will give us political victories in response to our witness. Much has already been said about the decline and tarnishing of our witness in the politics of our day.

We’re called to be faithful rather than victorious, witnesses not winners. If you spend more time cheerleading for politicians than in prayer and humility it is time to back away and take stock. The world will not end with this election. You do not need to move to Canada.

Christ alone is victorious politically, and one day his triumphant kingdom will be made manifest. The lesson is that God will work in and through our faithfulness to glorify himself. No man can save you or America.

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