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American History & Our Responsibility to Know

Updated: Mar 1

The March to Valley Forge by William Trego
The March to Valley Forge by William Trego

American History & Our Responsibility to Know

When we know our history it helps us to interpret the past, explain the present, and plan for the future.

Americans are very ignorant of their history.

That ignorance is part of why we make bad decisions about or nation and often listen to foolish men in regards to the future.

I urge you to learn about America, as you after all are a citizen, so you can make reasonable decisions and vote with a better understanding.

Here is a link to an excellent article: United States History: What is Important to Know and Why?

Four Reasons Everyone Should Study History

"In the past, STEM and the arts and humanities have largely been taught as unconnected disciplines, but there is more overlap between fields than many realize.

Erika Bsumek, an associate professor of history in the College of Liberal Arts and a 2018 recipient of the Regent’s Outstanding Teaching Awards, wants to help students see how different disciplines are connected. In her class, Building America: Engineering Society and Culture, 1868-1980, Bsumek teaches humanities and STEM majors how history, culture and politics have shaped technological advances and, in turn, how technology has restructured society in numerous ways in the process.

Bsumek, who also teaches Native American and Environmental history, strives to help all of her students see the world around them in new ways. She says learning history can be interesting and even fun. The more history they learn, the better prepared they will be to solve the biggest challenges society faces now and in the future. Here are four reasons why she says learning history can help them do that.

  1. It helps us understand how our time is different from or similar to other periods.

In today’s world, where people often cherry pick facts about the past to prove points, it helps to place current events in historical context. History is an evidenced-based discipline. So, knowing how and where to find the facts one needs to gain a fuller understanding of today’s contentious debates can help us understand not only what is being said, but it can also help us grasp what kinds of historical comparisons people are making and why they are making them.." from the article: Four Reasons Everyone Should Study History

The History of the United States of America Explained in 14 Minutes

"When the first settlers reached The United States of America and started to chip out a living in the wilderness that seemed so fierce and unfamiliar to their European eyes, they could never have dreamed that someday the land upon which they stood would become one of the most powerful countries in the entire world." from video introduction

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