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An (Un)Civil War: The Evangelical Divide in America

Video from CBSN

"A new episode of CBSN Originals' Reverb series reveals that as Christian nationalism attracts followers, traditional pastors fear for their faith and the country. Evangelical Christians are a powerful political force, but an extreme faction has divided the community. In the half-hour documentary, An (Un)Civil War: The Evangelical Divide, we hear from pastors on both sides and ask what this battle means for their faith and the future of American democracy." from video introduction.

The ongoing insistence of a small but loud portion of the electorate who are convinced/choose to promote that Donald Trump lost the election due to massive voter fraud have broken and confused the Republican Party.

One of those broken pieces is white evangelicals.

Tribalism fractured the world in which Jesus’s lived, but he refused to be taken hostage by any tribe or cause like liberal, conservative, revolutionary, or yes even Roman. He chose Truth Over Tribal interests.

In the past in America our best local churches once functioned big tents that could incorporate people from across a wide political, social, racial, ethnic, and economic spectrum. Why? because they shared the same theological vision and always kept Jesus at the center.

We were once a people who could keep cultural/political issues like vaccines, race, patriotism, political affiliation/party, gender, and sexuality. Theses issues now divide many of our churches.

Will we ever be able to evaluate our churches on the basis of theology instead of culture?

The election of Donald Trump opened a pandoras box in which it became OK to hate, malign and gossip about others to gain whatever you wanted. he was not the primary cause but a fuse that lite the bomb.

Now the sin and corruption of many of our nations citizens is laid bare for all to see.

Open hostility has now become normalized even to the point of calling for the execution of your opponents.

Many Christians have openly said they were choosing a lesser evil to battle a greater evil.

But evil is still evil.

What will we do?

Who will we worship?

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