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Ancient Akrotiri: A Short Tour

Ancient Akrotiri: A Short Tour

"Join best selling author and historian, Adam Alexander Haviaras, as he explores the archaeological site of Ancient Akrotiri on the island of Santorini. This site is sometimes called the ‘Greek Pompeii’ but in truth, the volcanic eruption that destroyed Minoan civilization on Santorini (ancient Thera), was 100 times more powerful and destructive than the eruption of Vesuvius! This is an ancient ghost town, a place that was once full of life, and art, and song, but which is now covered by layer upon layer of volcanic rock and ash. In this video, you will experience the excavations up close and personal to see how archaeologists have, over the years, brought Akrotiri back into the light. After the video, be sure to check out our blog post, Ghosts of Akrotiri here: For more information about Greek Mythology, archaeological sites, and ancient history, visit" from video introduction

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