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Ancient Apocalypse & A Look at the Controversy

Ancient Apocalypse | Official Trailer | Netflix

Video from Netflix

"What if everything we know about prehistoric humans is wrong? Journalist Graham Hancock visits archeological sites around the world to uncover whether a civilization far more advanced than we ever believed possible existed thousands of years ago." from video introduction

Free Thinkers vs Narrow Minded Thinkers?

I just finished watching all eight episodes on Netflix.

I was not surprised because Graham Hancock has been pushing some version of his theory or the development thereof for a long time.

It was very well produced and provided a wealth of historical information beyond his theory and the CGA was excellent.

So like many ideas people put out there you can take it or leave it.

So what's the big deal?

Reaction or Overreaction?

I admit I am a little surprised that there has been the reaction there has been. Graham Hancock has been doing his books and investigations for 30 years now so what he is essentially saying has been out there for some time. And he is not the first person to propose that our current timeline of history is incomplete or flawed.

Yet we live in a time where many people feel emboldened to "correct" people or admonish them for their words, ideas or points of view.

Academia has its own set of rules and insults.

And of course authors like Hancock will tweak the nose of archeologists with his claims and rhetoric.

Do you remember Erich von Däniken? His book "Chariots of the God's became a bestseller with preposterous and outlandish ideas and claims. People read it, some believed it, many did not, life goes on. One of the basic ideas of our claims to free speech is that we can write or say almost anything and its up to the reader to beware.

But yes I forgot we also live in a time wherein people, not all but many or not thinkers at all, they are gullible and will believe any foolish thing that comes along.

So then others seem compelled to educate them!

Ok so we must have discussion and if an idea or claim is proven spurious or false then that's the process.

Our culture today is ripe with overreaction to many things and this is just one example.

Is Graham Hancock's theory correct? Maybe or maybe not. If nothing else I give him kudos for looking more closely at things that have been long neglected. So here is the information see what you think. - Andy

Ancient Apocalypse is the Most Dangerous Show on Netflix

"A show with a truly preposterous theory is one of the streaming giant’s biggest hits – and it seems to exist solely for conspiracy theorists. Why has this been allowed?

At the time of writing, Ancient Apocalypse has been comfortably sitting in Netflix’s Top 10 list for several days. This presents something of a mystery, because the show closely resembles the sort of half-baked filler documentary that one of the lesser Discovery channels would slap up at 3am between shows about plane crashes and fascist architecture. Ancient Apocalypse obviously has an audience, but who on Earth is it?

Fortunately, you don’t have to watch for long to find out. In quick succession, during the pre-show sizzle reel, we are treated to a clip of the show’s host Graham Hancock being interviewed by Joe Rogan. Finally, we have an answer: Ancient Apocalypse must be a TV program made exclusively for people who like to shout at you on Twitter.

Of course it is. These people are Hancock’s bread and butter; the “free thinkers” who, through some bizarre quirk of nature, are often more perennially outraged than anyone else on Earth. They’re drawn to Ancient Apocalypse, thanks in part to Hancock’s loud and persistent claims that his life’s work is being suppressed by Big Archaeology.." from an article in The Guardian: Ancient Apocalypse is the most dangerous show on Netflix

Graham Hancock and Ancient Apocalypse: Debunking Myths About the Netflix Show

Video from Archaeology Tube

"An archaeologist gives context around some of the questions that have emerged since the release of the Netflix Show Ancient Apocalypse, starring Graham Hancock." from video introduction

Noah's Flood on North America

"What happened on the North American continent during Noah’s Flood? Noah's flood occurred just thousands of years ago, wiping out all terrestrial life on earth, saving just thousands of animal "kinds" and the 8 people on the Ark. Catastrophic rifting resulted in cycling tsunamis, bringing water and sediment onto land that resulted in the movement of the continents to their position today. " from video introduction


Graham Hancock's website:

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