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ANGELS, DEMONS & GOD--When Were Angels Created & When Was Satan Cast Out of Heaven?

Video from DTBM

"Before even the foundations of the earth were established, God created His angels... Each of the angels we read about in God's Word has power that exceeds anything we can humanly understand as possible by the laws of the physical world that we know. As far as we know the angelic creatures are indestructible, they can’t be killed or destroyed. They travel the universe effortlessly, with no spaceships. They seemingly never rest, or sleep, or even need to eat. Lucifer—The Guardian The Cherubim The Archangels The Flames or Seraphim Angels The Angel of Light; The Destroyer; The Horrible Monsters of the Destroyer; The Doomed Angels; The Nation Princes; The Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the Darkness, Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness; The Demons..." from video introduction.

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