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Appalachian Orthodoxy: The Power of Beauty

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Appalachian Orthodoxy: The Power of Beauty

"Some say that beauty will save the world. So do we...

"Appalachian Orthodoxy: The Power of Beauty" tells the story of Prince Vladimir's transformation from a pagan warlord to a Christian saint. What was the key to his conversion? Beauty. But not just any kind of beauty. It was the otherworldly beauty of an Orthodox Christian temple and Orthodox Christian worship that touched the hearts of men and altered the destiny of nations.

Our monastic brotherhood is currently building our own beautiful temple to house our life of daily prayer and worship. People often ask us, "Why are you building such a costly church out in a little hollow of West Virginia? Why don't you build something more modest that's well within your means?" The answer is, "Because we believe in the transformative power of beauty." With this splendid new church, we carry on the rich legacy of Slavic Christianity. We build because we believe that beauty is not a luxury. We believe that beauty can save the world." from video introduction

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