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Pray Without Ceasing

Updated: Mar 24

Clasped hands on Bible while praying
Pray without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing

I have begun receiving prayer requests from people around the world. I would be happy to add people to that list for daily prayer. I work hard at praying daily and try to be as consistent as possible.

I also need prayers, as all of us do.

Prayer is our lifeblood and lifeline to our creator.

All people, all Christians struggle with consistent prayer. Our world provides many distractions.

Literally, it sounds like, “How has your talking to God been lately?” Emotionally it might feel like, “Sum up your relationship with God at this point in your life.” Bible reading, by comparison, is clearer and more “objective.” How many pages? How far along in your plan? Which books have you been reading? What have you learned? Prayer doesn’t fit into an Excel sheet quite as easily.

God means for your life young or old, employed, unemployed, sick, or healthy — to run on the power of prayer. Prayer is fuel for the engine of your heart and mind. You need to talk to God in and through prayer more than you need anything else in life. The fact is we will not do anything of any real and lasting value without God, which means we cannot do anything of any real and lasting value without prayer.

There is no one-size-fits-all all for prayer. Jesus never intended for his model prayer (“the Lord’s Prayer”) to be our only guide or counsel for prayer. Prayer is objectively real — you pray to a real God, real communication, real work, and get real answers. Prayer happens in seconds — short moments in your day — and it can take place for hours at a time or throughout a whole night. Prayer comes in many forms.

Prayer is conscious, personal communication with the God of the universe.

So how is your prayer life? If you (like me) are not happy or content with your answer, then let’s pray and grow together.

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