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Are You “Phubbing” People?

Updated: Mar 14

Stop Phubbing

Are You “Phubbing” People?

So “Phubbing” is a relatively new word that means the practice of ignoring one's companion or companions to pay attention to one's phone or another mobile device.


Yes, I am familiar with that practice!

So, then there are many people that “Phubb” or ignore other people around them in favor of looking at their smartphone.

Let us start with the obvious, it is rude. We have become so in love with our devices, and the distraction of them that we often prefer staring at them to a face-to-face encounter/conversation with a person.

The next obvious question is are we doing this to the people closest to us, our spouses, our children, our co-workers, you get the idea. I would have to say yes most of us do this.

Does this describe YOU?

If it does it is time for you to change your habits.

For the past seven years I have worked in healthcare as a nurse (recently retired) and countless times I have had parents enter an exam room while on their phone and continue to stare at it the whole time while talking to me. Eventually, I started telling people to please put away their phones.

So as a spouse, we prioritize time with our spouse over everything else, and that includes looking at our smartphone or anything else. Time is precious and not replaceable so when we have time together, they should get our full attention.

We ponder and complain about what is wrong with our culture, and our society- one answer is Phubbing!!

So please be considerate, be contemplative, and if you are making your cell phone a priority over everyone else REPENT and change your habits!

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