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Artist Françoise Gilot

Updated: Aug 5

Video from CBS Sunday Morning

Artist Françoise Gilot

"It was in 1943, during the German occupation of Paris, that Françoise Gilot met Pablo Picasso. She was 21; he was 61. Gilot would later write, "It was a catastrophe I didn't want to avoid." Now 95, Gilot talked with Anthony Mason about her life as an artist, and as a muse and partner to one of the most famous and controversial painters in history." from video introduction


Video from Richard Dextre

"Françoise Gilot is a French painter of the Post-World War II School. At the age of 21 she met Pablo Picasso, and the two embarked on a ten-year relationship. Gilot is considered by some to have been his muse, and though her work during this time was influenced by Picasso’s Cubism, her paintings are characterized by a preference for organic forms over Picasso’s use of sharp angles. In 1953, Gilot left Picasso, taking with her their two children, Claude and Paloma, and 11 years later, published the best-selling book Life With Picasso describing their intimate family life and artistic collaborations. Gilot went on to maintain studios in La Jolla, New York, and Paris, with her later paintings featuring saturated color relationships and structured compositions. Over time, her practice has expanded to include printmaking techniques such as monographs and aquatints. Born on November 26, 1921 in Neilly-sur-Seine, France, Gilot continues to exhibit her work internationally.' from the website:


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