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Ash Wednesday & Lent - Remembrance Through Sacrifice

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Ash Wednesday & Lent - Remembrance Through Sacrifice
Ash Wednesday & Lent - Remembrance Through Sacrifice

Ash Wednesday & Lent - Remembrance Through Sacrifice

On the church calendar Wednesday February 22nd is Ash Wednesday the beginning of the season of Lent.

It is for the next forty days we can survey the cross of our Lord, lament our sin and find rest in our Savior's righteousness.

We are all broken and sinful, a mess even on our best days. It is only by Christ's grace and mercy that we live to worship today!

Repentance is our need, and Christ is our focus. We are to be diminished and He is to be lifted up.

We are not as smart as we think we are and in no way are we self-made in life.

All of our living and any success we achieve is permitted by God's grace.

We may choose to deny ourselves (fast) certain pleasures and habits for this brief season. What we seek however is more of Jesus in all we do or think.

So Lord Jesus fill our hearts with your beauty, bounty and mercy this Lent season 2023.

In your holy and loving name we pray! Amen

What is Ash Wednesday? - Lent Fasting

Video from

"What is Ash Wednesday? Should a Christian observe lent fasting? In this video, Pastor Nelson looks at the Ash Wednesday meaning and unpacks why Ash Wednesday fasting is significant to some, even though it's not directly found anywhere in the Bible.' from video introduction

The article below by Noel Piper gives us an excellent guide and prayers to follow during The Season of Lent.

Lenten Lights

Eight Biblical Devotions to Prepare for Easter

"Using These Readings

Each reading begins with a few sentences that summarize the thought for the day. All the rest is Scripture—letting God speak to us directly from his Word.

This devotional may be used weekly or daily. And if you choose, it also can be used together with seven candles, representing the Light of the World.

Reading Weekly

There is one reading for each Sunday of Lent and for Good Friday and Easter.

Reading Daily

Daily use should begin on the Saturday of Palm Sunday weekend. This leaves Saturday, the day before Easter, with no devotional, a reminder of the emptiness experienced by Jesus’ followers between his death and resurrection.

Without Candles

These pages may be used simply for personal or family reading and meditation in preparation for Easter. In that case, please ignore the bracketed candle instructions within each reading.

With Candles

The readings may also be used in conjunction with any grouping of seven candles. On the first day, all seven should be burning as you begin reading the first devotional. Bracketed instructions within the reading tell you when to snuff out one candle. On the second day, six candles burn as you begin reading, and you snuff out one of them when instructed, and so on. On Good Friday, the last candle is extinguished. Then on Easter, there are instructions within the reading to light all seven candles.

The Symbolism of the Seven Candles.." from the article: Lenten Lights Eight Biblical Devotions to Prepare for Easter

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