Atheistic Evolution: Is it Valid?

In this video the late Ravi Zacharias discusses the irrational thought behind Atheistic Evolution

Atheistic Evolution

The term “atheistic evolution” simply refers to those atheists who believe man evolved from nothing effectively denying there is a Creator behind creation. The theory of evolution contends that man somehow evolved and all the intelligent design in every part of the creation came about by chance.

In this way of thinking, all the order/design seen in the universe is accidental or incidental – something out of nothing.

Listen to Atheist Richard Dawkins try to explain something out of nothing.

Keep in mind it is called the Theory of Evolution for a reason: it cannot be empirically proven but neither has atomic theory, the theory of relativity, quantum theory, or indeed any other theory in science. Science does not deal in absolute proof, only in the balance of the evidence, everything is provisional including proof of God.

Yet evolution has over a hundred years of evidence with no contradictions, so it is a solid theory now.

Evolution however does nothing to disprove God or the Resurrection of Christ. The Atheistic view of Evolution is opinion and nothing more.

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