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Beware Of The Wide Road To Destruction--Don't Ignore Jesus The Narrow Way, He's The Only Hope

Updated: Apr 5

Video from DTBM

Beware Of The Wide Road To Destruction--Don't Ignore Jesus The Narrow Way, He's The Only Hope

"Part One: The Ignored Creator Rejected, is the theme that covers the Bible from Genesis 1 to John 19 The Ignored Creator is Rejected is the theme that covers most of the pages of the Bible, from Genesis 1 to John 19. The Fall of Adam We watch Adam and Eve sinfully rebelling and then hiding from their Creator in Genesis 3. Then we see the decline and fall of the human race to such an extent God had to drown every one of them but Noah’s family of eight souls in Genesis 4-9. God was rejected as the Creator that should be adored, revered, obeyed, and worshiped by His creations in His own image; and that is only the first 9 chapters of human history! The Human Race Declines As humanity begins to multiply we see the intervention of God against mankind’s united voice of humanism that worshiped their own accomplishments instead of the Creator’s, at the Tower at Babel in Genesis 11. So their Creator confused their communications, so that humanity couldn’t work together, and they spread out across the planet. The Rise of Idolatry As civilizations spread across the world, God said that they chose to worship everything but their Creator. Sins multiplied, violence and evil filled civilization. So God started His post-flood witness with Abraham, called from the idolatry that filled the world by Genesis 12. Abraham began representing the Creator God. His descendants became the Israelites, to whom God revealed Himself. God Chooses Israel After multiplying in Egypt, God led them out in a miraculous Exodus, and instructed the nation of Jews to represent their God in every dimension of life. They were instructed to build a Meeting place with Him as their God, portable and then permanent. The Creator came down in great displays of power, thundering, and pillars of fire. He spoke, and He asked Israel to be His special representatives, but most would not, they had other plans that were more important than doing what their Creator asked them to do. Can you imagine that any person would think that their plans are more important than the plans offered to them by their Creator? That could summarize human history right down to this moment. The Ignored Creator is Rejected by Most Chapter after chapter of God's Word records that the Creator is known by few, ignored by many, and rejected by most. That is the bulk of the Old Testament. So, the Creator God sent spokesmen to speak for Him called prophets and they were either rejected or only temporarily heeded. Jonah saw a temporary revival in Ninevah, Daniel saw a temporary response in Babylon, and all the prophets to Israel and Judah faced very little genuine responses. So the Creator Comes to Live on Earth By the time we come to the New Testament the same pattern continues. Few are knowing, following, and obeying the Creator. So, the Creator that has been ignored and rejected, actually comes down and becomes a human. Christ's life on Earth is recorded as a series of scenes of ignorance and rejection interspersed with tiny but precious adoration, reverence, and obedience. Starting with His birth that witnessed a sky filled with angels dazzling the desert hillsides as a few shepherds watched. But no real interest came of the excited shepherds, the visiting Wise Men, and the enthused testimonials of those Temple workers: Simeon & Anna. Again the Creator is known by few, ignored by many, and rejected by most. So: The Creator Introduces Himself in Person to His Creatures." from video introduction.

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