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Bibles & Books: The Prayer Book of Anne De Bretagne

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Video from Ziereis Facsimiles

"The Prayer Book of Anne of Bretagne, dedicated to the consort of two French Kings in a row and famous art patron and collector, is an extremely impressive example of a private #manuscript. This small #book was both for Anne’s personal use and also for the religious education of her son, the Dauphin of France. Next to the extremely rich ornamentation of the pictures, the creative and well thought out design of the text pages of this prayer book continues to inspire today. You can find this and many other facsimiles under:" from video introduction

"Anne of Bretange, or Brittany, only daughter of Francis II., Duke of Bretagne, was born at Nantes, January 26, 1497. She was carefully educated, and gave early indications of great beauty and intelligence. When only five years old she was betrothed to Edward, Prince of Wales, son of Edward IV. of England. But his tragical [sic] death, two years after, dissolved the contract. The death of her father in 1490, which left her an unprotected orphan, and heiress of a spacious domain, at the time when the Duke of Orleans was detained a prisoner by Anne of Beaujeu, forced her to seek some other protector; she was consequently married by proxy to Maximilian, emperor of Austria. But Anne of Beaujeu determined to obtained possession of Bretange, and, despairing of conquering it by arms, resolved to accomplish her purchase by effecting a marriage between her young brother, Charles VIII. of France, and Anne of Bretange, who yielded a reluctant consent, and the marriage was celebrated, December 16, 1491.

Anne soon became attached to her husband, who was an amiable though weak prince, and on his death, in 1498, she abandoned herself to the deepest grief. She retired to her hereditary domains, where she affected the rights of an independent sovereign.." from the article: Anne of Bretange

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