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BIG EVA Division: Trump, Racism & Toxic Culture - Brad Ward

Video from Armor of God

"Timestamps/Tap Time To Jump To Topic 0:00 Woke Church Clips 5:40 Poll: Have you seen the division? 11:05 What is Big Eva? 15:08 Trump's Effect On The Church 42:05 What is Wokeness in The Church? 59:48 The Evangelical Church Is Breaking Apart 1:41:22 How The Culture Invaded The Church 1:54:00 Jesus Wept (Intro)" from video introduction.

"The election of the elders of an evangelical church is usually an uncontroversial, even unifying event. But this summer, at an influential megachurch in Northern Virginia, something went badly wrong. A trio of elders didn’t receive 75 percent of the vote, the threshold necessary to be installed.

“A small group of people, inside and outside this church, coordinated a divisive effort to use disinformation in order to persuade others to vote these men down as part of a broader effort to take control of this church,” David Platt, a 43-year-old minister at McLean Bible Church and a best-selling author, charged in a July 4 sermon..." from the article: THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH IS BREAKING APART

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