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Blessed Simplicity: Chronicles of the Desert (Part 2 of 9)

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Video from Trisagion Films

"The second episode from our “Chronicles of the Desert” series begins again in Egypt, where a simple farmer finds his wife in the midst of the affair. Instead of making a scene, he decides to go into the desert to become a monk. He seeks out the figure from our last video, Anthony the Great, who was in his late thirties, early forties at the time and becomes his disciple. More videos coming soon ... including ones about the desert fathers, the monks of Mount Athos, the Northern Thebaid of Russia, and even elsewhere. ROMANIAN Subtitles graciously provided by Mihai Lita. Sources: — The Ladder of Divine Ascent (St. John of Sinai) — The Lausiac History (Palladius) — The Ascetic Homilies of St. Isaac the Syrian (St. Isaac) St. Paul the Simple of Egypt (d. ca. 339) was a hermit and disciple of St. Anthony the Great. St John, the Abbot of Sinai wrote "Paul the Simple was a clear example for us, for he was the rule and type of blessed simplicity." He was also, with contemporary St. Paul of Egypt, the First Hermit. The account of his life is found in Palladius of Helenopolis De Vitis Patrum 8,28 and Tyrannius Rufinus Historia Eremitica 31." from video introduction

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