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Brain Science, Consciousness & God

Brain Science, Consciousness & God
Brain Science, Consciousness & God

Brain Science, Consciousness & God

The hard problem of consciousness is also a hard problem of the brain and many other things.

It is just hubris that we think we can ever comprehend human consciousness and the brain. Scientific thought is to narrow minded and will not think outside of the box. The subject of UFOs and other dimensions is a perfect example. Science is biased against something that mightv reveal amazing things about our cosmos. And the adamant adherence to materialism is also a foolish quest.

But God gave us minds that want to know. Knowledge in and of itself is not bad and is often a great blessing. But we must not worship knowledge.

"Despite the progress of science, fundamental questions remain related to the issue of consciousness. Philosopher Michael Ruse opined, “Why should a bunch of atoms have thinking ability? Why should I, even as I write now, be able to reflect on what I am doing…there is no scientific answer.” [1] Such a question is indeed difficult to answer for those adhering to a strictly materialistic worldview; human consciousness and the ability to comprehend the universe are more reasonably explained by an appeal to the supernatural.

A number of views exist with regard to human consciousness. Those who hold a view of “reductive physicalism” believe human beings to be “reducible to their physical properties… [so that] the mind or the mental is simple brain chemistry.” [2] In such a view, the human brain and mind are identical. [3] As a result, “free will” is illusory and human behavior is the result of a series of purely physical responses (much like the falling of a very complex series of dominoes. However, there are several problems with this approach.

First, it flies in the face of human experience; each person experiences the world as though they are a distinct individual making distinct choices. Secondly, there is no known naturalistic mechanism which would explain how the experience of consciousness could arise from the material composition of the human brain alone. [4] Further, if each human being is simply going through the motion of inevitable behavior, concepts related to morality and ethics cease to have meaning. There is no human good nor evil by definition if human beings are essentially organic automatons. Yet, morally good and evil actions appear to exist (which themselves cannot in principle be explained by science [5]), indicating human free will and consciousness truly exist..." from the article: Why Consciousness Is Best Explained By The Existence Of God

Iain McGilchrist & Sharon Dirckx • Brain science, consciousness & God

"What does the science of brain chemistry and consciousness tell us about the nature of our mind and our cosmos? Recorded live at The British Library London, leading psychiatrist and philosopher Dr Iain McGilchrist, author of the influential books ‘The Master and his Emissary’ and 'The Matter With Things' engages in conversation with Christian neuroscientist Dr Sharon Dirckx author of 'Am I Just My Brain?'. They discuss brain science, consciousness and God." from video introduction 

How scientists learned to study the brain?

"Our understanding of the human brain remains limited, but incredible discoveries throughout history have pushed neuroscience to greater levels than ever seen before. From Ancient Egypt to modern America, this is the story of how humanity learned to study the brain, nerves, and everything in between." from video introduction

How do Brains Work? | Episode 1106 | Closer To Truth

Video from Closer to Truth

"Everything we know, everything we think, comes from our brain. Are brains our window to reality, seeing what truly exists? Or are we bound by brains, mental slaves of the meat in our heads? Featuring interviews with Christopher Evans, Kelsey Martin, Robert Bilder, Jared Diamond, and Rodney Brooks." from video introduction

Basic Parts of the Brain - Part 1 - 3D Anatomy Tutorial

Video from AnatomyZone

"3D anatomy tutorial on the human brain from AnatomyZone ( This video covers the basic structure of the human brain, looking at the following structures and their basic configuration: - Brainstem: pons, medulla, midbrain - Cerebellum - Cerebral peduncles - Basal ganglia: putamen and globus pallidus - Thalami - Ventricular system - Cortex - Lobes of the brain - White matter tracts: internal capsule, corona radiata - Cranial nerves: a brief look (more detailed videos on this topic)" from video introduction

The Materialist Point of View

Human Brain, Not God, Produces All Religious Experience

Video from

"Michael Shermer, Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine and Executive Director of the Skeptics Society, argues that perceived spiritual experiences do actually exist, but asserts that they aren't miraculous acts of God. Shermer believes that the human brain is the origin of religious experiences." from video introduction

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