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Buffalo Gals - 2nd South Carolina String Band

Buffalo Gals - 2nd South Carolina String Band

"Now literally 'world-famous', the song known as "Buffalo Gals" is generally credited to one John Hodges (1821-1891), whose minstrel-stage character was called "Cool White." However, that name is only its last name, established after its 1848 publishing by the minstrel group, the Ethiopian Serenaders. It had also seen published versions under the title "Lubly Fan", by Hodges/'Cool White' in 1844; "De New York Gals", by C.G. Christman, similar but different, also in 1844; another version titled "Bowery Gals", published in a 'songster' (collection of contemporary songs) in 1845, and in again in 1849, in "The Ethiopian Glee Book: containing songs by the Christy Minstrels."

In addition to becoming widely popular by virtue of its insistent rhythm and catchy melody, both the Ethiopian Serenaders and the Christy Minstrels were well-known for adapting the chorus of the song to celebrate the name of the city or town where they were performing - Charleston Gals, Pittsburgh Gals, Louisville Gals, Gettysburg Gals - thus virtually guaranteeing a special spot in the memory of anyone who heard it." from the video introduction

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