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Buffalo Shootings and the Renovation of the Heart - John Ortberg

Updated: Mar 6

Video from Become

"Connecting the person and message of Jesus to the evil around us and within us. Urgently needed." from video introduction.

We are a stiff necked, evil and depraved people. God will and is punishing our culture for its sins and excesses, that is obvious. Yet as Christians we must make Christ the center of our lives, the focus of all we do. We must pray daily ad often, we must confess our sins and most important of all we must repent of our evil thinking and behavior.

Have you slipped into the ways of this world in your walk with Christ, is He no longer the center of your life?

Time to reflect! - Andy

Renovation of the Heart: Putting on the Character of Christ - 20th Anniversary Edition by Dallas Willard (link)


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