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C. S. Lewis: The Discarded Image Part 1 - Dr. Scott Masson (4 of 22)

Video from Dr. Scott Masson

"This is the first of three lectures on C.S. Lewis's final academic work, the 1964 Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature he titled 'The Discarded Image'. The 'image' to which it refers is the matrix of cultural assumptions of the Medieval period that form not only Western culture, but all the social relations of human nature. The title is to a extent misleading. These cultural assumptions don't actually end in the Renaissance, they still undergird Western thinking up until the French Revolution. So while the title might suggest a sudden loss, the image that is 'discarded' very much lingers until the mid-nineteenth century, at which point the scientific agenda of the 'conditioners' are applied to man in a fashion that rejects all sense of continuity. From that point onward, we are cultural orphans." from the video introduction.

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