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"Can the Bible Shed Light on the Latest Alien Encounters?"

The secular sea in which we swim would have us believe that the UAP phenomenon is not related to the ancient words found in the bible.

The irony of we can believe in aliens and not angels should be self-evident.

But the natural man, the secular man is mentally blinded to the obvious answers found in God's Holy Word.

The Prince and Power of this world, curtailed as he is by God can still manipulate us and the environment around us. This is explicitly stated in the Bible.

“the whole world is under the control of the evil one” 1 John 5:19

We foolishly are attracted to many things that influence us toward the occult.

UFOs and Aliens have become a new religion. (see the book American Cosmic by D.W. Pasulka)

As Christians, we must be skeptical and always refer back to God's Holy Word as a measure of what this fallen world presents.

The Bible is not a science book nor a history book, it is the revelation of our Lord.

Alan Dido gives an excellent overview of this complex phenomenon.

The Latest Alien Encounters and what the Bible Says

Video from Encounter Today

"Can the Bible Shed Light on the Latest Alien Encounters?"

Alan DiDio – Biography

"After experiencing a radical spiritual encounter at the age of seventeen, Alan

DiDio was born again; instantly transforming him from a dogmatic atheist to a

passionate follower of Jesus. Taught in a Word-Based Church he learned early on

how to stand in faith. Not long after giving his life to Christ, Pastor Alan went off

to Bible College and continued serving with a national ministry for twelve years

and working on staff for nearly seven. In that time, he gained experience in every

possible area of ministry from running an international prayer center to traveling

across the country spreading the Gospel.

Since then, he’s founded Encounter Christ Church in his hometown and taken the

Gospel to nations such as Pakistan, China, Israel, Haiti, and Guatemala. Pastor

Alan is the author of several books like, including Encounter: Are You Ready To Experience

More of God’s Presence and Power and The Ephesian Mandate: A Prophetic Look

at God’s Armor for the End-Time Warrior. He hosts the Encounter Underground

Podcast and Encounter Today on YouTube which reaches tens of thousands of

people around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Alan has two children and considers family to be the most important

ministry any believer is called to. From

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