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Can We Elevate Protecting Ourselves from Future Tyranny Above the Lives of Children & Family Today ?

When Personal Responsibility and Morality No Longer Work

"Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #128 (originally streamed live on May 28, 2022):" from video introduction.

So as I hear it (in this podcast and elsewhere) the BIG picture that gun control advocates are missing is that the possibility of Tyranny in America far outweighs the carnage people are perpetrating with weapons of war.

The numbers of people killed are relatively small compared to what will happen it the nation erupts into civil war, unless perhaps those killed are your family members!

I believe that this reasoning is evil and corrupt. We have adopted yet another Godless position that projects evil results on the least of these in our nation.

I also believe that by accepting this carnage as normal we have become the tyrants we so loath and hate!! - Andy

The Liberal Case for Gun Ownership - Liberty Needs Defending from the Threat of Tyranny

by Bret Weinstein

"At the beginning of the pandemic, I was out hunting for supplies, running through scenarios and planning for contingencies. I found myself at a local gun shop, where a line of edgy patrons stretched out the door and down the block. It’s not the kind of place my high school self would have imagined my middle-aged self would frequent. I am, after all, an American liberal, and American liberals, as a rule, believe that our founders (fresh from a war they won with muzzle-loaded weapons) left us in a terrible mess with respect to modern guns.

Decades ago I changed my position on the issue of “gun control”. Even though I still believe liberals are correct about the unfortunate predicament created by our founders, I now hold that we must tolerate privately held guns and all that comes with them. That may sound like a paradox, but once you understand the tensions internal to the mind of an armed American liberal, you will understand something fundamental about the American experiment...

Most of those stocking up on guns and ammo belong to a culture, and like every other culture, it has its beliefs, suppositions and fears. That culture believes that tyranny may descend on us, even here in the freedom-loving United States of America, and that privately held guns are the key to fending it off. I’m not a member of this culture, but I believe they may well be right about this...

I find none of this remotely acceptable as a human, or an American. Remember, I said at the beginning that I believe that the liberals are basically right about the staggering cost of ubiquitous guns. Further, I don’t believe the net effect of ubiquitous guns during an average year, or decade, or century is a reduction in harm. It’s a complex picture, but many Western nations have managed crime as well or better than the US without the population being armed. On long timescales, however, I suspect this trend reverses. A nation’s descent into tyranny can kill millions, and it can drag continents, or the world as a whole, into war.

The terrifying carnage that derives from the right to bear arms must, in the end, be compared to the cost of not having that right, not only for the individual, but for the republic and its neighbours at a minimum. If you imagine that tyranny cannot happen in America due to some safeguard built into our system, or by virtue of some immunity residing in the population itself, then perhaps there is nothing left to discuss...

This is what gun ownership comes down to, whether you’re a liberal or a conservative. If there is a way to protect liberty from spasms of tyranny that does not condemn us to the spectacular cost of regular gun violence, I’d love to know it. But if the dynamism of the West, the productivity, the ingenuity, and the quest for fairness can only be protected from tyrants at the point of a gun, then so be it." to read the entire article : The Liberal Case for Gun Ownership

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