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Can You Smell Time? - Professor Simon Holland

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Can You Smell Time? - Professor Simon Holland

"Does Time have a Smell? Dogs can smell the passage of time, can humans? Prof Simon investigates." from video introduction

Can Dogs Smell Time? Just Ask Donut the Dog

The mystery dogged our family for decades. How could Donut tell time? And not just the approximate time, but the exact moment before the school bus would arrive. Every. Single. Day.

You see, Donut was my husband's dog growing up, from elementary school through high school.

"She was a stray that came to our house when I was about 4," my husband, Matt, says. She had big, brown floppy ears and giant white and black spots on her flanks. "She was a hound mix," Matt says. "We knew she was a hound because she liked to roam," he adds. "We had to be careful not to let her get out because she would roam the neighborhood."

Donut loved to sleep. While Matt and his brother went to school, Donut spent most of her day inside, lying on the living room rug, sleeping — "and chewing on bones," Matt says. "She would also hide the bones under the sofa cushions."

But every weekday, before the bus dropped off the boys, Donut, without fail, would hop up from the rug, go to the back porch and sit by the window.

"She would wait for my brother and me to walk home so she could greet us at the door," Matt says. "She was always punctual. Never early and never late.".." from the article: Can dogs smell time? Just ask Donut the dog

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