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Celebrity's & Others Come Forward to Discuss "The Phenomenon"

Our obsession with "The Phenomenon" which includes "UFO's/UAP's and the paranormal is quickly becoming a topic for discussion.

The realization by post-modern humanity that there could really be a supernatural, unseen realm has attracted many people.

The expected result however has been the gravitation to New Age/Old Age Paganism, Universalism and Cosmic Consciousness.

Sadly we humans would rather be distracted by something unseen and potentially dangerous than seek out a Holy God that desires us to be in community with Him!

Katie Cook has been looking into and researching UFO's most of her life. In this video she opens up to interviewer Martin Willis about her life and "The Phenomenon".

Katie Cook's Podcast
Katie Cook's Podcast

Katie Cook, The Implications of UFOlogy & Humanity

"Guest Katie Cook, you may know her as the television host of CMT, but she has had a longtime interest in UFOs and believes we are in post-disclosure. She talks about the emotional impact this topic can cause on society. She also discusses her own journey and why she is passionate about it. At the end of the show, we play 15 minutes of a listener encounter, Carole Quine. (Note: the auto-mute was NOT working, so you may hear a little bit of a conversation overlap.) BIO: Katie Cook is best known for her television hosting work with CMT since 2001, but she has also led a very paranormal life and has had a passion for ufology since she was a child. She is the author of a young reader’s trilogy, “Little Big Benny, the Boy Who Didn’t Know He Was the Universe,” about a young astronomer who is very curious about his place in the world, but is completely unaware that he plays host to all kinds of colorful characters that live on a microscopic level within him. Katie is a recording artist, formerly with the band Reno. Now she has a duo with her husband, Adam Shoenfeld, called SunKat. She is the daughter of Hall of Fame songwriter, Roger Cook, and has hosted her own ufo-themed podcast called Wide Open Wonders. She was also a co-host on MUFON’s What’s Up with Katie Paige and Chris Deperno. She served as emcee at the 2020 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas and has been a correspondent on MUFON Television. She is currently working on a fiction novel based on the alien hybrid topic." from video introduction

From Katie Cook's Youtube Channel Wide Open Wonders:

Travis Walton: The Man Beyond the Abduction

"Nov 5, 2019

Katie Cook interviews Travis Walton, the man behind one of the most famous abductions cases in history, and the inspiration for the movie "Fire in The Sky." There is much more to Travis than his abduction experience, and Katie covers a lot of ground in this interview including how Travis thinks Disclosure might not be the best idea, how he nearly got recruited into a Cult, and how he deals with unwanted fame. Black and White photo of Travis: Nathan Arizona" from video introduction

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