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Charles Sprague Pearce: Painter of Pastoral Elegance

Updated: Aug 5

Video from Gammell Lack Institute of American Art

Charles Sprague Pearce: Painter of Pastoral Elegance

"Charles Sprague Pearce was born in Boston, in 1851. He quickly recognized his ambition to become a painter and found that Paris was the destination he needed, and to Bonnat's Atelier. He afterward married and settled in France for thirty years with a very active and productive life, winning many awards and honors. His chosen subjects were largely of the land and the people but also found the Middle Eastern subjects to his liking. A very honest and straightforward style is his work, looking to the nobility of a quiet and peaceful land and the people." from video introduction

Women in the Fields by Charles Spargue Pearce
Women in the Fields by Charles Spargue Pearce

Charles Sprague Pearce: A collection of 41 paintings

Video from LearnFromMasters

Description: "Charles S. Pearce was a leading American expatriate working and living in Paris along with J.S. Sargent and other important artist of that time. Pearce was born and educated in Boston and began his artistic career in 1872. He began to send in his work to the Paris Salon in 1876, mainly portraiture, religious subjects and Oriental genre scenes. In that same year Pearce exhibited in the 1876 Centennial in Philadelphia. His work was allied in subject matter and style with that of the French academic peasants he studied with; Jules Bastien-le Page and Jules Breton. His work tended to be sentimental, focused on Northern French rural life. Pearce's subjects were solidly modeled, accurate in detail and sensuous with texture. In 1885, Pearce had settled 20 miles outside Paris in a town called Auvers-Sur-Oise and worked in a glass-enclosed studio year round. He contributed a series of six lunette murals to the Library of Congress near the turn of the century." from video introduction


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