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Cinema and the Arts as Sermons : THE ART OF JUGEND

Video from Pete Beard

Jugend ("Youth" in German) was a German art magazine that started in the late 19th century. The magazine was based in Munich, and it featured many famous Art Nouveau artists over the course of its existence which was up ino the early 1940's. The term "Jugendstil" ("Jugend-style") the German version of Art Nouveau came out of the magazines art style.

The German People are among the most brilliant and talented of God's creation. What the Nazi's did with their R & D, development of many new ideas and technologies in such a short time during WW2 was a testimony of their abilities (all God given). Much of what you and I enjoy today came from what they produced during that awful and evil war.

The artwork here is brilliant and of course many of the illustrators if not most remain unknown. Some were Jewish and fled Germany. This art style continues today most notably in the art of the late Frank Frazetta among others.

Artist Frank Frazetta
Frank Frazetta Painting

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