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Cinema & the Arts as Sermons: Life's too Short to Waste a Second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Video from JesseJR

Life's too Short to Waste a Second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The medium of motion pictures like music provides for us humans a transcendent experience. They like all things in life purveyors of either evil (pornography, torture etc.) or they can be purveyors of virtue, compassion, love, empathy and yes even the gospel!

Although this video does not speak directly to God our creator it does a wonderful job of showing a wide range of all that life can be about, joy, sadness, evil, good, compassion, love, empathy, hate envy and the wonder of our uniqueness. And God's revealed presence in his creation. Enjoy!

"Poetry, beauty, romance, love... these are what we stay alive for.» ... Headphones + 4K are highly recommended Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe, it's always nice Join my discord server : You want to fund me ? : Through this page, you have the possibility to support me and my work. . from video introduction.

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