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Cinema & the Arts as Sermons: Tenet - The Best Kind Of Failure?

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Video from The Closer Look

Tenet - The Best Kind Of Failure?

God is the inventor of story, the story of everything. The Bible is the story of Christ and all of us, his children. God gave Adam a language with which to tell stories which we benefit from today. Once Incarnate Christ Jesus in his humanity and in his deity told parables and stories because he wired our psyche, our souls to comprehend life through story. We still read them today because his word in story form is alive!

You and I benefit greatly, more than we can imagine from what has gone before and the art of story telling is now a wonderful thing. Men like Christopher Nolan have God's gift of storytelling in the form of cinema, film.

If you enjoy reading, stories and story telling you probably also enjoy and appreciate good films, which are stories.

Now I have seen Christopher Nolan's latest film "Tenet" four times and plan to view if more. I have come to understand a lot about the movie and its plot etc. But I give credit to The Closer Look for explaining the movie in a way we can understand and appreciate it more. I believe it is indeed a act genius. Why?

"Tenet" has received a lot of criticism and some of it is correct but lets consider Christopher Nolan as a director that pushes the limits of film and storytelling.

When I was an art teacher in public school many years ago I would tell the students that I expected them to fail, failure was ok, if taught you how to do things better or not what to do. In theory mots of us adults get that but are afraid to practice it. Some people are not and after many failures continue to reinvent themselves.

So if after watching this video you are so inclined go back and watch tenet one more time.

Below is a video critiquing "Tenet" as a failure as was mentioned in the above video.

Tenet — How High-Concept Becomes Harmful | Anatomy Of A Failure

Video from Filmento

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