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David & Goliath: The Valley of Elah

Updated: Aug 20

Video from Sergio & Rhoda in Israel

David & Goliath: The Valley of Elah

"Recent discoveries make it possible to pinpoint the location of the Valley of Elah, where David slew Goliath. In this incredible journey, we head to the valley for the first time in our lives. In the episode, we will answer the questions we always had about this story: Why didn’t the armies attack each other and instead resort to a man-on-man battle? How could David sling a stone so accurately and not miss? And how could the Israelites hear Goliath when they were a valley apart? In this episode, we will explore Khirbet Qeiyafa, a fortified city on top of the hill that overlooks the Valley of Elah. This place is believed to be the Shaaraim mentioned in this Biblical account. Then we will go to the river where David possibly picked the 5 smooth stones from, and explore its topology to better understand why neither army attacked each other. We will try slinging the stones with our own DIY slingshot, similar to the shepherd’s slingshot that David would have had. Then we will perform a sound test: One of us will stand on top of the mountain while the other will scream as Goliath would have from the middle of the valley; and we will see if we can hear each other as the Biblical account says they did. And as a bonus, we will share with you a recent theological discovery in this account that was hidden for a thousand years! So join us on this adventure as we seek to find the answers about David and Goliath at the Valley of Elah!" from video introduction.


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