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Day in the Life of Emanuel McFarland

Updated: Apr 8

Day in the Life of Emanuel McFarland

"Emanuel is an Athlete and an Inclusive Employee for The Kyle Pease Foundation." from the video introduction

Most of us have challenges in life. physical, mental, or both. And many of us complain about circumstances that we should not complain about.

God gives each of us our place in time and in the family, community, and circumstances He desires us to be in within His story, the story of Christ over all things.

We should take time to consider and help those whom God places in front of us no matter their situation or circumstance.

Many people struggle greatly with pain and disability daily and yet are happy with what God has given them.

So be grateful for who you are and what you have! Give thanks in prayer to our merciful Lord who does not give all of us what we deserve but gives in love despite our sinful nature.

This short video gives me inspiration to be more thankful and pass on some of the grace od has given me!

The Kyle Pease Foundation

"Our Story

The Kyle Pease Foundation was founded in 2011 by brothers Kyle & Brent Pease upon completion of their first triathlon in April of that year. Kyle wanted to share the experience of inclusion with others, so the idea of KPF was born. After a few months of work, the group received their IRS determination as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and off they went. In March of 2012, they supported their first athlete and the brothers, and the organization has continued to grow since then.." from their website:

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