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Diversity & The Creative Brain: Iain McGilchrist & Matthew Syed, Nudgestock 2022

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Diversity & The Creative Brain

"Nudgestock 2022 created by Ogilvy and Rory Sutherland. This discussion with Iain McGilchrist and Matthew Syed formed part of Nudgestock's 2022 Festival. To watch the full festival click click this link The is the world's biggest festival of behavioural science and creativity is back for its 10th year, and it's BIGGER and CLEVERER than ever before. Nudgestock is a day to think differently, where counter-intuitive ideas and real-world case studies are discussed, debated and celebrated by the planet’s boldest thinkers. This year, we'll get to grips with: - Rethinking sustainability - 'Trust' in a time of misinformation - Anti-trends: Why we're predictable And new for 2022, a chance to network... in a purpose built 'Nudgeverse'." from video introduction

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