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Doctrine of Hell: 17 Views

Video from Caleb Smith

Doctrine of Hell: 17 Views

The doctrine of hell is a hot debate in theology right now. In this video, I summarize current thoughts in the field. I survey the theology of Joseph Ratzinger, Karl Barth, David Bentley Hart, C.S. Lewis, n t wright, Greg Boyd, and many more. Hope you find this helpful!" from the video introduction

The Doctrine of Hell

"The doctrine of hell is important — and extremely unpopular.

In this episode of Theology Refresh, David Platt talks about the priority of God's word as we approach this doctrine and faithfully serve the gospel in light of its reality.

Platt explains that hell is the manifestation that our sin against an infinitely holy God warrants infinitely eternal punishment. Moreover, when we minimize the reality of hell, we malign the mercy of God — because central to the fact of hell is that it is escapable. Jesus has endured the wrath of God on our behalf so that all who trust in him will be delivered from God's wrath and brought into fellowship with him forever." the article: The Doctrine of Hell

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