Dr. Ravi Zacharias: What is the Gospel?

In this 3 minute video the late Ravi Zacharias discusses the Gospel.

The message of the gospel is that you and I were created, designed, and brought into existence by a loving God.

In our pride, instead of accepting God and accepting how we should live, we decided that we could make a better job living our way, and we rejected both God, and the way He would have us live. We rebelled against Him.

If there is to be any hope in this world, if there is to be any joy in this world, we need someone to come who will not simply change what we think, or feel, change what we do, change our ideas. You and I need someone to come and change who we are and to intervene in this world, who at the most basic level, will change the nature of our existence, helping us to become what we were always intended to be.

This is what the Gospel is what the Christian good news is all about.

God has broken through in this world, not just to change how we think or to change what we do, that’s important; or to change how we feel, that’s important also; but, first and foremost, to change who we are.

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