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Employers Must Address the Whole Person & Not Just Profits

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

We're here to Make Good Things Happen for Other People

There is no doubt that greed has been a factor in the past in the employer, employee relationship.

With so many people not returning to work, especially the service and food industry employers must make a sobering assessment of what they do for those who work for them.

The sad fact we now have a category called the working poor is an indictment of us all.

God has given us the Pandemic to see anew many things in our culture and life. Young couples should not need public assistance in addition to both of them working full time.

Corporations with huge profits and CEO's that make 100 times what their workers make should do the right thing and pay a fair wage and give benefits so our society and future generations can benefit as well.

We do not live in a perfect world and we cannot right every wrong but there are many good things we can do for people. Some of those good things is to acknowledge that the people who serve all of us deserve an opportunity to earn a living. We cannot create a socialist state but we can genuinely be better in our treatment of others.

As Christians in business we must set the example and treat people fairly even if that means less profits. We are not the world and we must love, encourage and help the people of our community and in the work force.


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