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Evangelical History and the Power of the Resurrection – Molly Worthen

"Collin Hansen is joined by historian, Molly Worthen, to discuss her scholarship studies, her experience in the church and academia, and the surprising transformation that happened in her life last year. Introduction to Molly Watts. 0:00 What motivated Molly to study and write about Evangelicalism? 1:54 Molly’s transition from journalism to academia. 6:36 How did you become interested in writing for Christianity Today? 13:04 Where did your intuition about authority come from? 18:26 The sources of authority in a post-Christendom context. 22:39 Schaeffer's early career as a cultural warrior. 29:01 How did you come under conviction of sin? 34:20 Evangelicalism is relentless and relentless. 42:02 Journalist’s perspective on religion. 48:08 Richard Dawkins and the New Testament. 52:13 What’s your worldview on conversion? 56:15 The importance of friendship and anonymity in conversion. 1:00:42 The book that helped me articulate my own frame of mind. 1:08:39 How can you soldier along in your spiritual journey? 1:13:47 Rediscovering the Puritans and spiritual mindedness. 1:18:32 Why do you want the world to know your story? 1:26:30 What’s it all about? 1:31:35 " from video introduction

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