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Ex-Slaves Talk About Slavery in the USA

Updated: Mar 16

Video from John Brooks

Ex-Slaves Talk About Slavery in the USA

A story done by ABC News in 1999 about slavery was told by people who were slaves. Recorded in the 1940s.

How did it feel to be bought and sold like cattle, only to be liberated with nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help? Ted Koppel of ABC News presents the African-American slave experience in the voices of those who knew it firsthand. Thanks to tapes—now digitally remastered—from a project undertaken during the 1930s and 40s by John Henry Falke and others, 101-year-old Fountain Hughes, who was born in 1848, and other ex-slaves give their recollections of life before Emancipation and during Reconstruction.

Slavery is a sad testimony of how the United States was built with the blood and on the backs of slaves. Just as the Native American Genocide was part of our Nation beginning so slavery also was a dark time.

Although we today did not directly participate in these atrocities we have benefited directly from them. Our faith, our calling in Christ requires we acknowledge these terrible deeds and do what we can today to make it right, to acknowledge the injustice and evil.

Even today there are slaves around the world and here in the U.S. We must never ignore this just as we should never ignore any kind of injustice like abortion etc.

Include in your prayers those who have suffered and suffer even today from lack of freedom.

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