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Exodus Chapters 1-3 (Part 1) - Michael Heiser

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Exodus Chapters 1-3 (Part 1) - Michael Heiser

"Naked Bible Podcast Exodus Series Part 1

Introducing the Book of Exodus - 0:00 to 40:20Exodus 1 Part 1 - 40:21 to 1:25:47In this episode we look at the language describing Israel’s condition under bondage in Egypt long after the time of JosephExodus 1 Part 2 - 1:25:48 to 2:00:02This episode focuses entirely on how the name “Raamses” in Exodus 1:11 can potentially be accommodated by either the early (1446 BC) or late (1250 BC) date of the exodus from Egypt.Exodus 2:1-10 - 2:00:03 to 2:41:03This episode asks the question of whether the biblical writer stole the Sargon story for Exodus 2:1-10, and how a potential relationship between the two might be processed well.Exodus 2:11-25 - 2:41:04 to 3:17:20Exodus 2:11-25 is the story of Moses’ capital offense in Egypt and his subsequent escape to the land of MidianExodus 3 Part 1 - 3:17:21 to 3:58:25Yahweh from the SouthExodus 3 Part 2a - 3:58:26 to 4:30:54many scholars and archaeologists believe that the Kenites / Midianites transmitted the knowledge of Yahweh to Moses (and, hence, Israel). This episode explores the coherence of this ideaExodus 3 Part 2b - 4:30:55 to 4:56:13How would a literate ancient Jew, with knowledge of 1 Enoch and the Hebrew Bible, understand the biblical writer’s linkage of the Kenites (relatives of Abraham and Moses) to Cain the murderer, whom the writer of Enoch associated with the sins of the WatchersExodus 3 Part 3 - Burning Bush 4:56:14' from the video introduction.

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