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Explore Painted statuary in the Baths of Caracalla

Video from Darius Arya Digs

Explore Painted Statuary in the Baths of Caracalla

"Yes, Ancient Greek and Roman statuary was painted in brilliant colors: eyes, hair, clothing, weaponry, bloody wounds, and more. But the pigments used are rarely well preserved. We'll examine some famous statuary from the Baths of Caracalla and view them with reconstructed colors! Thanks to the new app we can explore the Baths of Caracalla and compare the structures and the statuary with the remains of the baths today as well as the preserved statuary. It's an opportunity to look at the painting that once adorned the marble statues, which we can compare with the statues as they are preserved today in the Naples archaeological museum (MANN). The model of imperial Rome has been reconstructed by a team of experts under the guidance of Prof. Bernard Frischer of Rome Reborn fame. This iteration is part of a new app called that you can try for free. Check it out! 0:00 Introduction 0:40 Brief history of the Baths- what makes them so special 3:28 Hadrianic houses pre-dating the Baths 4:18 Painted statue groups in the Baths 5:06 Ancient paint used in Antiquity 6:26 Standout statuary: Lysippan Hercules, Scylla group, Dirce group Keep up with the adventures of Darius Arya, the archaeologist with access. Ancient history in real life! And great ready for a lot more travel: Jordan, Egypt, Croatia, and more! " from video introduction

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