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Explore the Napoli Archaeological Museum

Video from Ancient Rome Live

Explore the Napoli Archaeological Museum

"Explore one of the most important archaeological collections in the world: the National Archaeological Museum of Napoli (MANN We vsiit this amazing museum including the newely reopened Campania Romana section, the Magna Graecia collection, the Farnese collection from Rome, and all the frescoes, mosaics, statuary and more from Pompeii and Herculaneum, and more! 0:00 Introduction 1:48 Magna Graecia collection 2:46 Daily Life 3:00 Glass 3:26 Gladiators 3:34 Isis worship 3:50 Frescoes 4:36 Model of Pompeii 4:47 Villa dei Papiri (Herculaneum) 5:40 Mosaics 6:40 Roman Campania 8:35 Farnese collection 9:56 Numismatics and Economic life 10:05 Erotic art 10:14 Epigraphic collection 10:25 MANN director Paolo Giulierini and introduction to the new exhibit on Alexander the Great and the East (with Filippo Coarelli)" from video introduction

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