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Faith and Hope During an Election – Food for Thought

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

In this video Author Brian McLaren discusses many aspects of the upcoming election with love and compassion, as well as Brian's priorities and hopes for the election.

Right now we are told by many religious leaders and politicians that this is the most important election for the United States and the world. Many claim the survival of America is at stake.

Many people are having dreams and making claims. Many Christians are making claims and statements which at the end of the day may just be opinion and nothing more.

Just because you “feel” or think that our president has assumed the role of a so called “Cyrus” does not make it so.

Pointing out division is not being divisive, and we must be willing to differ graciously. As Christians (we will dispense with the term Evangelicals) we don’t need to be right all the time. We must be gracious and allow other opinions and be able to discuss our point of view calmly or just stop talking.

If you are fearful of how our country could change don’t get angry and argue, lament to God in prayer.

As Christians we must BE Christians, our politics does not define us.

It is time to get back to the basics of our faith. Back to deep personal daily devotions and committed corporate prayer. We must make time for outreach in our communities and neighbors.

Preach about our Savior, not the president or any candidate. Yes, its ok to ask people to vote but much better to point people to Jesus, not a political leader.

Do you spend as much time in prayer and scripture reading as you do wave flags and supporting your political party?

Dr. Michael Brown closed an article recently in the Christian Post with these statements:

“Again, a Biden-Harris victory would not be the end of the world. There might even be a little less political drama, since the “chaos president” would have been removed. But, as I tweeted on October 7, “It's very true that @realDonaldTrump provokes a lot of the leftist attacks against him, be it from the media or Hollywood. But guess who their target will be when he's not around to bash? All of us who hold to conservative biblical values.”

“Thankfully, the election is still a few weeks out, and regardless of the outcome, Jesus is still Lord. It’s just important to realize that the stakes are very high (and I only focused on a few of them here). There is no hyperbole here.”

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