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Forgiving Her Father's Killer - Shelby's Story

Video from God Behind Bars

"In an instant Shelby’s life was shattered, when her father was shot and killed on December 3, 2021. Her father was her rock; the person that lead her to Jesus, encouraged her, and was always there for her. Days leading up to her father’s funeral, she had a moment where she knew that she had to pick bitterness or forgiveness towards the man who killed her father. On the porch of her house, as tears streamed down her face, she had a moment with Jesus that changed her life. She had a vision where she saw Jesus on the cross, in pain, dying for her and for the man that shot her father. In that moment, she decided to forgive the man who killed her father and share Jesus with Him. She realized that, to say that Jesus can’t forgive someone, would mean that you are telling God that He is incapable of something, and that’s not true. Emotion-filled, she spoke at her fathers funeral, to share about her dad and the forgiveness of Jesus. Soon a video of her speech went viral across the world. She then came to speak to 300 inmates inside of a God Behind Bars prison, and shared about the forgiveness they have in Christ. Leading 28 inmates to Jesus. One of the most powerful statements she said was, “Standing in the place of your victims. I, Shelby Houston, want to say that I forgive you. I forgive you. But I want to tell you about an even greater forgiveness, and that’s the forgiveness of Jesus Christ.” We are all forgiven. We are all made new. We all get to take part in the greatest love of all, Jesus." from video introduction

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