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From Swastika to Jim Crow (2 of 2)

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Video from Reggie Bell

From Swastika to Jim Crow (2 of 2)

"From Swastika to Jim Crow is a 2000 documentary that explores the similarities between Nazism in Germany and racism in the American south. In 1939, the Nazi government expelled Jewish scholars from German universities. Many of them found teaching positions in Southern universities, where they sympathized with the plight of their African-American colleagues and students. The horrors of prejudice became a common thread that could bind these exiled Jewish professors with their black students and colleagues. The film pairs shocking archival footage of the KKK dressed in costume and carrying torches with footage of Nazi salutes and marching German soldiers to compare the barbarity of both ideologies. A picture of a lynching shows a mob of average white citizens standing around casually and looking up at the tree, while photographs of the Holocaust depict emaciated corpses piled on top of each other." from video introduction

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