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God is Like Christ - E. Stanley Jones

"Quotes from E. Stanley Jones "Men wonder if there can be a good God back of things when they see earthquakes wipe out the innocent and the guilty alike and innocent little children suffer from nameless diseases they did not bring on themselves. But the distracted and doubting mind turns toward Jesus with relief and says, “If God is like that, he is alright.” As Christians we affirm that he is–that he is Christlike in character, and we say it without qualification and without the slightest stammering of the tongue. We believe that “God is Jesus everywhere” and Jesus is God here–the human life of God. If God thinks in terms of little children as Jesus did, cares for the leper, the outcast, and the blind, and if his heart is like that gentle heart that broke upon the cross, then he can have my heart without reservation and without question." —E. Stanley Jones, Christ of the Indian Road, p. 35. "If the finest spirits of the human race should sit down and think out the kind of a God they would like to see in the universe, his moral and spiritual likeness would gradually form like unto the Son of Man. The greatest news that has ever been broken to the human race is the news that God is like Christ. And the greatest news that we can break to that non-Christian world is just that—that the God whom you have dimly realized, but about whose character you are uncertain, is like Christ." —E. Stanley Jones" from video introduction

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