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Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The lord said to Moses has my arm loss it power? Now you will see whether or not my words come true” Numbers 11:23(NLT). This verse come into context when Moses was in doubt about God feeding 600,000 foot soldiers with meat for a whole month. Moses thought that this is outrageous because even if they butchered all their flocks and herds will that satisfy them? Even if they catch all the fish in the sea will that also be enough? But the lord told him that his arm hasn’t lost it power therefore he (God) can do that exceedingly. In the daily affairs of man, it is bound to know that challenges come, unpreferable moment come, situations and circumstances may fall on your feet. We are living in a world that anything can happen and has far as life is concern. We see things and hear things that absolutely put us off the wheel. Sometimes the environment you are in may sometimes compel you either the good way or the bad way.

I do tell myself that whatever it may be God should help me fulfill my purpose thus knowing God’s assignment in my life. It doesn’t matter the pace at which you are going. What matters is the number of times the door is shut before you but you hold yourself up and keep moving. @enerriseinspi .Though at some point in time it may seem you are not going anywhere or not doing anything. In some instances we mistaken God’s silence as his absence. When we are totally filled with uncontrolled depression and devastation. We often ask ourselves certain questions at least to be sure that indeed are we the son and daughters of God. I know a time come in your life where your faith is tested. The position in which you stand may either make you fall or raise you. On the verge of absolute distraction does where our faith is tested.

You see sometimes you don’t actually see what’s coming until it comes and you experience it. It can be anything, being sacked, lay off at work, divorce, accident, sickness, financial constraints, death. You ask yourself that what haven’t you done to exclude yourself from these challenges, situations and tragedies. One may say it is to him (God) to answer it all because it surpasses human analogy. @// Most of you are going through challenges that are peculiar to your own strength according to what you can handle even though it may look very big on the outside. As far as every individual path and destiny is different from the other so it is in the challenges we face.

Never compare your troubles to someone’s own, yes he or she is having this or that, has achieve this or that, for you neither have you gain anything not even a recognition. Each of us have our respective seasons mind you if yours is not in progress don’t envy someone else because if you do, you automatically start to bring forth undesirable things that might totally bring you out of the circle in which you are moving in. We must acquaint ourselves that through all the changes scenes of life we will still attest to the optimum fact that God prevails in all circumstances of our life. One thing for a fact that I have trusted God in understanding is in “Romans 8:28” all things work together for those who love God.

I might not be able to afford somethings today but I know it is for good because today will not be forever there will always be another day and another day will always come.

A self-development attitude that will have a good influence in our life is by psyching yourself that what so ever that happens it is for good not for bad. When you start to think, remembering the memories good or bad, the one’s that totally ripped you off the wheel. The one’s that backed you up when you were tripping, the ones that totally boost you, they were all for good. To some they think they should have gotten more of whatever they wanted and to some they have little but are content with what they have. In this scenario, one have more than within his want and desires and one is ok despite having little and facing with temptation and challenges. This two kinds of people are giving us a clue. One is insinuating that upon all he has, he still wanted more and the other is ok with the little he or she has.

The gospel clarity of this matter is that God knows what and how to portion what he want to give to mankind despite someone is having more and hoping to get more and the other is content with what he has but hope to get more. God in his own ideology knows what each of these two people will get, he knows the best that’s why man cannot totally understand the ways of God. We believe that things happen by chance, for instance you just got this house, car, you just had a call from the company that you’ve been employed or gotten an appointment, or your application has gone through for that matter you’ve gain admission, you’ve been cured of a disease. But nothing on this earth happen by chance, it happens by God’s permission and God permit things to happen in our life, so that we might see the purpose he has in our life. Never have undisputed doubt of the doings of God he moves in remarkable ways. Indeed God prevails over everything in all angles of life.

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