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God & Quantum: Is The Wave Function The Building Block of Reality?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Video from PBS Space Time

God & Quantum: Is The Wave Function The Building Block of Reality?

"Objective Collapse Theories offer a explanation of quantum mechanics that is at once brand new and based in classical mechanics. In the world of quantum mechanics, it’s no big deal for particles to be in multiple different states at the same time, or to teleport between locations, or to influence each other faster than light. But somehow, none of this strangeness makes its way to the familiar scale of human beings - even though our world is made entirely of quantum-weird building blocks. The explanations of this transition range from the mystical influence of the conscious mind to the grandiose proposition of multiple realities. But Objective Collapse Theories feels as down to earth as the classical world that we’re trying to explain. Let’s see if it makes any sense." from video introduction.

Quantum Physics & God

Video from Quantum Creation

"If you are a Christian or wanting to know if God exists, you'll want to know about these 5 incredible scientific facts that support the existence of God. Some of these phenomena have only been known for 5, 10 and 20 years. All of them can be researched and verified as accurate. #doesGodexist#scientificsupportforGod#creation" from video introduction.

"Belief in God and quantum physics – are they compatible?

Quantum physics, or quantum mechanics, requires a deep understanding of mathematics and physics as it applies to the behavior of matter and energy at a nanoscopic scale. It also requires an ability to think and solve in counterintuitive ways. This field of study is relatively young—just 100 years old or so, and still growing. Its value is in helping us understand more of what happens in the minuscule transactions in extremely small subatomic places, which can be helpful in theoretical physics and high-level design. But to the average person, quantum physics rarely has a noticeable impact on daily life..." from the article: Belief in God and quantum physics – are they compatible?

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