God's Gift of Music - Nat King Cole

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"Nat “King” Cole, 45, world-renowned singer and jazz pianist, died in his sleep at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica early Monday, three weeks after he had undergone surgery for removal of a cancerous left lung.

His wife Maria, who was at his side, “knew for several days he was dying,” a hospital spokesman said, “but she didn’t want anything made public because he watched television constantly.”

Aware that he had cancer, the singer thought he was recovering after the removal of his lung, but doctors said the disease had spread beyond control.

Only the day before his death, Cole was taken for a short ride in his car by his wife, and a few days earlier he had visited his children briefly at the family home, an imposing brick mansion at 401 S. Muirfield Road in the Hancock Park district." from the 1965 article in the LA Times (link).

Nat King Cole grew up grew up in Chicago deeply immersed in religious music, with a gospel choir leader for a mother and a reverend for a father. His mom, an amateur piano player herself, gave him piano lessons when he was four years old. Thank the Lord for bringing us this gift as reminder of his mercy and love.

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