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God's Gift of Music: Vince Guaraldi - The Man Behind the Music of Peanuts

Video from Matt Draper

"A look at the musical career of jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi and how he created the unforgettable music of the Peanuts and Charlie Brown television specials." from video introduction. Music: "Linus and Lucy" "Happiness is ..." "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" "Oh Good Grief" "Blue Charlie Brown" "Christmastime is Here" "O Tannenbaum" "Skating" "Christmas is Coming" "Thanksgiving Theme" "Great Pumpkin Waltz" "Charlie Brown Theme" "Little Birdie" By Vince Guaraldi

Christ is our Lord and He was born around this time two thousand or so years ago. He came into our world in a human body to among other things allow us to "See the Father"(John 14:8-10).

As we live out our story in the brief time we have you and I find ourselves in a unique time and place in History. America has been a great blessing to the world as God has allowed. Within our culture there are many things that impact each of us individually in our unique lives with our unique souls, human spirt and family life.

God has gifted men like Charles Schultz to create "Charley Brown" and also men like Vince Guaraldi to bring it to life for us.

For me like I am sure for many of you "Charley Brown and the gang" has become a major memory of my childhood. In a dysfunctional home God allowed me comfort amid the adversity through the music of Vince Guaraldi. It is a lament, a soulful reflection that even a child can sense. For me it manifested "sorrowful yet always rejoicing". I hope you enjoy these very informative videos! Merry Christmas and may God bless you and keep You! - Andy

Cast Your Fate to the Wind - Vince Guaraldi Trio

Video from Gil Favor

"1962 from the album "Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus" Great instrumental that won a Grammy award for 1963.' from video introduction

Joyful jazz: The Lasting Appeal of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

Since first airing in 1965, Vince Guaraldi’s soundtrack for “A Charlie Brown Christmas” continues to win over generations from the gently cascading piano in “Skating,” the driving melody of “Linus and Lucy,” and the charm of “Christmas Time is Here.”

The Mendelson family would love to find the envelope where their father, Lee, scribbled some lyrics to jazz musician Vince Guaraldi’s composition “Christmas Time is Here” for an animated TV special featuring the “Peanuts” gang in 1965.

The producer always said it had taken less than half an hour to write, and he likely tossed the scrap of paper away. He was in a rush. Everything was rushed. No one even knew, once the special aired, whether it would ever be seen again.

Instead, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” became an indelible holiday tradition and so, too, has Guaraldi’s music – perhaps even more so.

“Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas without hearing that album in the background,” said Derrick Bang, author of the biography “Vince Guaraldi at the Piano.”

The special itself was a bit of an oddity: a cartoon story of the meaning of Christmas sound tracked by a sophisticated, mostly instrumental jazz trio of piano, bass, and drum.." from the article: Joyful jazz: The lasting appeal of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

A Charlie Brown Christmas | Soundtrack Suite (Vince Guaraldi)

Video from Soundtrack Fred

"Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1965). Composed and Conducted by Vince Guaraldi, performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Please note that the rights belong to the individual copyright holders.

Playlist: 00:00 O Tannenbaum 03:31 My Little Drum 05:25 Linus And Lucy 06:33 Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal) 08:57 Skating 10:33 Hark, The Herald Angels Sing 11:37 Christmas Is Coming 12:35 The Christmas Song 14:07 Greensleeves Source: Fantasy Records FCD-30066-2" from video introduction

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